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Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Ideal Nursing Services, Inc. offers a variety of care options to fit your physician’s requirements and your health management preference - right in your own home. Our business is now 20 years of delivering outstanding service to our clients.

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Mission Statement

As a confirmation of our pledge to provide excellence in the delivery of home health care services, Ideal Nursing Services, Inc. (INS) is committed to providing the highest quality of health care and related services which the community needs at the least possible cost.

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24 Hour Live-In Care

24 Hour Live-In Care If your family member requires round-the-clock care, our health care professionals may be assigned to your case on live-in arrangements.

Live-In Care is ideal if the patient needs bed-side care, is extensively dependent on others for daily living tasks, or is confined to a wheelchair. Such severe health conditions put the patient in a delicate state. In which case, the patient will require the constant health supervision of a professional from Ideal Nursing Services, Inc.

If Live-In Care is what your loved one prefers or has been recommended with by their physician, please call Ideal Nursing Services, Inc. to request for assistance – (202) 723-0304.